Islam, Kristen, Yahudi, dan Sebuah Sudut Pandang…PART II…

3 agama besar ini(Islam, Kristen, dan Yahudi) termasuk dalam agama Abrahamik atau agama Samawi.

Abraham atau Ibrahim(dalam Islam), merupakan salah satu dari rangkaian nabi-nabi yang ada di dalam 3 agama tersebut.

Abrahamic religions are monotheistic faiths that recognize a spiritual tradition identified with Abraham.[1][2][3] The term is mostly used to refer collectively to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There are other religions included in the term, such as the Samaritans, the Druze, the Mandaeans, the Rastafarians, and the Bahá’í.[4] Abrahamic religions account for more than half of the world’s total population. Today, there are around 3.8 billion followers of various Abrahamic religions.[5]
The major non-Abrahamic world religions are grouped as “Eastern religions”, encompassing the “Dharmic” religions of India and the “Taoic” East Asian religions. Use of the term “Abrahamic” is far from universal and has been found to be problematic for many reasons.

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Namun demikian, banyak dari para pemeluk agama ini yang menolak pengelompokan agama atau kepercayaan mereka seperti ini dengan alasan bahwa agama mereka pada intinya dan dasarnya mengandung gagasan-gagasan yang berbeda atau bahkan berlawanan dengan gagasan-gagasan agama yang lainnya mengenai Abraham dan Tuhan atau Allah.

Seperti yang telah saya kata kan sebelum nya bahwa ketiga agama ini memiliki banyak kesamaan atau kemiripan, entah itu dalam sejarah, nabi-nabi, ataupun ajaran-ajarannya.

A number of commonalities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam exist:
* Monotheism. All three religions claim to be monotheistic, although Jews and Muslims sometimes argue that the doctrine of the Holy Trinity (adopted by the majority of Christians) constitutes polytheism, see also Shituf and Shirk.
* A prophetic tradition. All three religions recognize figures called “prophets,” though their lists differ, as do their interpretations of the prophetic role.
* Semitic origins. Judaism and Jewish Christianity originate in the Jewish populations, while Islam originated among Arabs respectively.
* An ethical orientation. All three religions speak of a choice between good and evil, which is associated with obedience or disobedience to a single God and to Divine Law.
* A linear concept of history, sometimes coined as eschatology, beginning with the creation and the concept that God works through history and ending with a Resurrection of the dead and final judgment.
* Association with the desert, which some commentators believe has imbued these religions with a particular ethos.

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